Blackhead Removal Tips

I know if you are like me the second you see a blackhead on your face your fingers are drawn to it like filings to a magnet. You want to squeeze it and get rid of it so bad your fingers are trembling. Even though you know that it could cause more problems you just can’t stop yourself. Well if you are like that just follow the 8 suggestions below to get rid of those blackheads.
Gently Squeezing – It’s everyone’s first impulse and the truth is that if you are gentle you can often squeeze a blackhead out with your fingers safely. Just be sure to wash your face and hands before starting to avoid spreading any bacteria, oils and dirt.
Pore Strips – These are adhesive strips that you moisten and then place over the blackheads you want gone. After about 10 minutes (depends on the brand) you pull them off and like magic the blackheads stick to them and are extracted. These are a good way to easily remove surface blackheads, but don’t work so well for the deeper and stubborn blackheads.
Blackhead Removal Tool – These are the same tools that your dermatologist uses in his office to quickly and painlessly remove blackheads. Basically it performs the same task as squeezing the blackheads, without risking infection from the bacteria and dirt on your fingers. These can even be used for deeper blackheads and they work pretty darn well.
Topical Retinoid Cream – You may not recognize the word “retinoid”, but you probably recognize the most popular cream made from this substance, Retin-A. Retinoids work by reducing the amount of oil your skin produces. If the skin isn’t producing oil then there is no oil to clog the pore and thus no blackheads. This is a preventative measure since it won’t remove existing blackheads and it can also take several weeks to become effective.

Chemical Peel – These are very good for removing dead skin cells, dirt and oil from your skin and have the added benefit of removing blackheads. Simple chemical peels are made from salicylic acid or glycolic acid and work to exfoliate your skin. Do not use if you are already using topical retinoid cream.
Exfoliating Products – The chemical peels mentioned above are one type of exfoliator, however there are others that are more gentle. Benzoyle peroxide is perhaps the most well known and most used ingredient in acne solutions because it is an excellent exfoliator. Just don’t use it too much as it can dry out your skin and lead to further over production of oil as well as irritation. For serious exfoliation try a microdermabrasion; which is a cosmetic procedure that sands away the top layers of skin and does a great job in getting rid of blackheads.
Proper Diet – You are what you eat as they say and in the case of oil production this is true. Oily and greasy foods cause more oil to come out on your skin and pores and many fast foods and snacks cause hormone imbalances, which are the chief culprits behind acne and blackheads. Clean up your diet and you will also clean up your skin.
Correct Make Up – While you probably shouldn’t use make up at all if you are prone to blackheads, if you must then you should choose your make up carefully. Pick a make up that is labeled as non-comedogenic, which means it doesn’t clog pores and also make sure that the make up you use is appropriate for your skin type.
Keeping up with a regular skin care routine is the best thing you can do to keep blackheads at bay. It is also the simplest and least expensive. So don’t forget to wash and watch those blackheads disappear.